2013 Major Project





Kampung Baru,

81000 Kulai, Johor. 新土地的面积于5000英尺,2层楼,估计有17间房间。搬迁新基地的最主要元







Persatuan Kebajikan Caring Kulaijaya Johor year 2013 big project. Firstly, we are hereby to thanks all of the caring people for the assistance and donation to Persatuan Kebajikan Caring Kulaijaya Johor over the years. Moreover, we want to thanks for a love ambassador who being generously that sponsored us a piece of land. The standards particularly relied on the benchmarks for science literacy, published by the look this now aaas, and the pathways to the science standards, published by the nsta, he said? We will proper managing the land by using that to construct and build a new home for the orphans. Simultaneously, the problem of shortage of rooms in the current orphanage will be solved. New land address :

E087, Jalan Lengkongan,

Kampung Baru,

81000 Kulai, Johor. The new area of land is about 5000 feet, 2 floors building, estimate there is 17 rooms in the new orphanage. The main purpose of moving to the new orphanage is to accommodate more and more orphans in future. Beside, Mr Tan hopes that they can feel themselves just like an ordinary child, which means they can have their own home after back from school, and growing up with a comfortable learning environment. We hope that they can become the pillars of society in future. Lastly, please borrow us your helping hand. We hope to work together with all of the caring people to create a perfect and ideal home park for the homeless child and lead us together to generate a brighter future for the orphans. Many thanks.

(我们需要60,000的砖块来建造这梦想的家园,每块砖块为 RM10)



 需要更多关于新基地的资料或者想要捐献的您们,可拨电致以下查看 :

孤儿院热线 : 076631291

Lusi : 0137065733

Ms Tan : 0177934139