Persatuan Kebajikan Caring Kulaijaya, Johor


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We are MOVED

Persatuan Kebajikan Caring KulaiJaya, Johor which were mainly helping disabled people and orphans was founded in the year of 2008 by Mr Tan. It was initiated by 3 years involvement in charity activities before this. By then, Read More

Sources that can be recycle :-

Books, Newspaper, Magazine, Paper, Iron, Aluminum, Used clothes, Television, Plastics, Oil Tank, Kitchen used items, furniture and else which can recycle.

We Provide

Free foster care
24 Hours whole day care
Wound Clean
warm body exercise & activity

Our Donors

Thanks to all our donors for their support and encouragement towards our mission.


Our centers are built with the intention to provide the homeless child with a warmth and caring environment.

Our Events

Please check out our recent events and continue to support us.

About the founder

The founder, Mr Tan has started his first ever charity works in 2005. After 5 years of participating in charity works, he realized that the recycle concept can help more people as well as save the environment. Based on this idea, he started a charity organization to help and provide accommodation to the homeless as well as the handicapped.